This website is about how to guarantee world peace. Please read at least this entire front page to gain an understanding of the entire site; all your doubts or concerns will be addressed, or you will know how to address them, by the time you finish reading this front page.

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World peace is the freedom not only from war but from all suffering or any possibility of it, including (1) your very own suffering or potential suffering, and (2) the suffering or potential suffering of everybody you care about. In other words, world peace entails solving and preventing all the world's problems—all the situations in which there is suffering.

Suffering, to be clear, is the presence of more pain than one can emotionally accept; pain is simply an acute desire to improve one's circumstances, which can be handled with a positive attitude in small amounts; however, when the amount of pain exceeds one's capacity to handle it positively, then it becomes suffering, the experience of which one views with utter disdain as completely meaningless, and is therefore inherently undesirable and unenjoyable.

It is in your fundamental interest, then, to stop or prevent at least all your own suffering or potential suffering, and to promote at least your own happiness (which is the opposite of suffering and synonymous with "peace"). There is a way you can ensure that all your suffering is stopped or prevented; this way to peace consists of an understanding and a creation—the understanding of our One Consciousness and the creation of Mental Unity (abbreviated together as "OCOMUN").

What Does "One Consciousness" Mean?

The most profound truth of our existence is that we are all one consciousness experiencing the life of every sentient being. You are not your body or the name associated with it; you are a center of consciousness. Some call it a mind, a soul, or a spirit; regardless, you are some thing that experiences the world including your body. This "thing you are" that experiences the world, and which you associate with your current personal identity, is the same receiver of experience that lies within every other sentient being and, from those sentient beings' points of view, assumes their respective identities, one life at a time. In other words, you are everybody.

The primary implication of this truth is that all the good and bad you do to others, you literally do to yourself. This is the true meaning of "karma" and "doing unto others", but it is not mere religious belief; in fact, it is the true esoteric teaching behind all the major religions and is being proven by modern science, as explained on the Research page of this website. (Note: All underlined portions of text on this website are direct links to other pages of this website or to other websites; all links will open in a new tab.)

The understanding of this truth is the beginning of the end to all the suffering in the world, for the more that people recognize each other as themselves—in the most literal sense—, the less that they will cause and allow each other—themselves—to suffer.

What Does "Mental Unity" Mean?

You do not have to believe that all of the world's suffering is literally your own in order to still desire to stop all the world's suffering; I commend you if you have this desire regardless!

However, some people are so habitually selfish that they can never have this intrinsic respect for everybody else unless they see everybody else as themselves, and these same people, unfortunately, are almost always the most unwilling or unable to adopt this new perspective.

Plus, even with no desire to cause or allow others to suffer, people may still sometimes do so unintentionally.

This is all due to our egoic separation: the fact that each of us is only directly aware of his or her own life. Because each of us is only directly aware of his or her own life, each of us, at least sometimes, is liable to disproportionately focus on promoting his or her own happiness (as opposed to the happiness of others who may be in greater need) and disproportionately adhere to his or her own beliefs (as opposed to the beliefs of others who may understand better). Thus, whenever people lack empathy for each other or are ignorant of each other's better understanding, this is because of our egoic separation, and one or both of these two factors—people's ignorance and lack of empathy—can be found, in some way, to cause and/or worsen every one of the world's problems.

Our egoic separation, then, may be illustrated like this, where the the larger brain represents those who understand better and are in greater need:

This egoic separation, therefore, is what we must reverse if we are to truly have world peace. The following proposal may sound strange at first, but any question or concern you may initially have about it is most likely addressed on the Clarifications page of this website, and scientific leads for how it is in fact possible to create are explained on the Research page.

The solution is to create a mental unity among all humans (and all other beings of similar intelligence): a telepathic connection of all our minds in which we fully empathize with each other's suffering or happiness in such a way that, just as we each inherently seek to stop and prevent our own suffering (and to promote our own happiness), we will all seek to stop and prevent each other's suffering (and to promote each other's happiness). All our perspectives of knowledge and reasoning will be directly weighed against each other as well, so that the most accurate facts about the world and the best reasoning about what we should do in every situation (so that we do not cause or allow each other to suffer) will be made clear to everybody—as clear as such facts and reasoning already are to those who first understand them.

Mental unity may thus be illustrated like this, where the broader arrows represent the diffusion of greater empathy and greater understanding:

It will not be necessary for all humanity (and other beings) to participate perpetually in the unity, and it will most likely be accomplished by sending some type of wave or signal through the air that will make us all telepathic in the way just described. In going about developing the unity, I suggest starting small by creating mental unities for only small groups of people, then perfecting the system and gradually expanding it to include more people (so that nobody at once is too overwhelmed by the extreme volume of information and emotion in the world), in whatever way this is determined necessary. We—everyone involved in the creation of the unity—may conclude, for example, that humanity (and other beings involved) will only need a once-a-day "check-in" to the unity (or maybe even once in every person's lifetime), or we may develop the ability to, at will, share each other's thoughts in situations where empathy and immediate understanding is most needed.

Regardless, some crossing of the intellectual and emotional boundaries of the self is required to ensure a peaceful world; the empathy and understanding created by mental unity is the only guarantee against all the violence, poverty, hatred, and environmental destruction that plague the world today—in all forms and on all levels. Mental unity will solve these problems like so:

  • All murder, rape, assault, torture, and abuse will be stopped and prevented as the intentions of everyone planning to perpetrate these atrocities are made known, and as these perpetrators fully empathize with their potential victims' just desire to live free from the pain caused by those atrocities; the fear of such pain before its victims experience it (since the perpetrators' intentions will be made known) and the anguish its victims feel while experiencing it will be directly shared with its perpetrators, effectively deterring them from committing or continuing to commit their atrocities. (Again, the totality of the world's current suffering will not be taken on all at once; we will resolve our suffering bit by bit, as the unity gradually expands to more and more people, so that we are not overwhelmed by it.)
  • Everyone will give what they truly do not need to those whose situations are, as will become obvious, more severe: All the starving will be fed, all the homeless sheltered, and all the sick treated as the rich directly empathize with all the unnecessary struggles of the poor. All resources will be properly distributed to fulfill everybody's needs and non-superfluous desires (desires that do not encroach upon others' needs), and everybody will work equally hard based on their known abilities and their non-superfluous desires so as to earn their living equally. Everybody will also be equally educated to perform all the tasks necessary to live with comfort, health, and abundance.
  • Hatred and prejudice toward individuals will become nonexistent as we all recognize our basic equality in (1) having just as little control over the initial conditions of our lives, and in (2) being molded by our genetics and environment in all the same ways. We will all accept each other for our harmless characteristics (such as skin color, place of ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, and age) and recognize that only circumstance is to blame for all our truly negative characteristics; with this newfound compassion, everybody will simply be transformed out of their negative characteristics.
  • Through accelerated scientific advancement (with our minds working together much more effectively) and the diffused wisdom of why we should care for our environment (against the superfluous desires of those who make money off of pollution and waste resources in light of the needs of other organisms), everybody will understand and implement the ways to cease and reverse the destruction of our planet.

What You Can Do Now

I hope the words on this website explaining how we are one consciousness at least encourage some people (if they are not encouraged already) never to intentionally cause or allow others to suffer; this, again, may already describe you even if you disagree with the idea of our one consciousness. In that case, even if you remain unconvinced of it after reading through the rest of this site, please still consider the goodness and the feasibility of mental unity: the mechanism by which we can eventually reach a sure consensus on all our ideas and ensure that we never cause or allow each other to suffer.

If you are curious as to who I am and how I came to espouse both of these ideas, you can read the Background page of this site. Far more important, however, are the steps you can take in response to these ideas. If you realize the need to stop all the world's (all your own) suffering, please do all of the following:

  • Understand the truth of our one consciousness and contact me with any questions about this truth—or at least understand its implication of being as kind and openminded to others as possible.
  • Understand the goodness and the feasibility of mental unity as the way to ensure that we are all as kind and openminded as possible, and contact me with any questions or concerns about mental unity that are unaddressed or unsatisfactorily addressed on the Clarifications page.
  • Click here and sign this petition when you're convinced of the goodness and feasibility of mental unity. This petition is how I know who understands and supports this cause; your signature will help me show relevant authority figures that it has public support.
  • If you have any ideas on how mental unity can be created, contact me about these ideas; these ideas may come to you after you read the Research page and see whether you have scientific expertise on any of the leads I've already found for how mental unity can be created.
  • If you have any of the technological means to conduct research on mental unity or any governmental authority to ensure that it is researched, contact me about how you can do so and how I may help you do so. I can help, for example, by by gathering public support for it (which I've started to do with the above petition), contacting and persuading any specified scientists to collaborate with you, contacting and persuading anyone else who can authorize this research, or volunteering for experimentation.
  • Share this website with as many people as possible. You can do this by sending the following image to everybody you know, and/or posting it on all of your social media accounts:

The central obstacle to world peace is that it requires everybody's participation—everybody's willingness to keep the peace and everybody's knowledge of how to do so. However, mental unity—the way to get everybody to participate—fortunately does not require everybody's participation: only the participation of enough people who can support, authorize, and create mental unity. Then world peace will come through the actions of us and everybody else, motivated by the compassion and understanding which mental unity will instill in all of us.

I truly hope that the words on this website—the words explaining the truth of our one consciousness (why you should not cause or allow others' suffering) and the idea of mental unity (how to ensure that everybody lives by this truth)—appeal to your own sense of reason and compassion as much as possible. However, I accept that this will not be the case for everybody; that is why those of us whose compassion and reasoning are awakened must band together to create mental unity—to share with the entire world the empathy and wisdom necessary for world peace.

This website is not a mere writing project. World peace is not something only to be written about, wished for, petitioned for, protested for, and agreed upon as a good idea; by following the steps above, we can attain it, and it is in all our best interest to do so.