Please keep in mind that all details about my personal life are secondary to the ideas on this website that apply to us all. This page is merely for those curious about how I got the ideas to reverse the detriment of the ego; it's not at all about inflating my own.

As an infant, I was taught sign language to spur my brain development; thanks to this and whatever genetics were involved, I've always been considered one of the most intelligent among my peers. However, throughout most of elementary school, I struggled to apply my intelligence: Not only was I severely misbehaved in class, but I gave no regard to the value of education itself.

Then I entered fifth grade, where my teacher's loving strictness about wanting her students to succeed academically set me on a more appropriate path: Since that school year, I completed all my compulsory education with straight A's and perfect attendance, allowing me to graduate high school at the top of my class.

Thus I left elementary school with a newfound character of geniality toward others and a sense responsibility to complete everything set before me. My moral and intellectual development, however, was destined to go beyond the classroom and into the spiritual and philosophical realm, and this capacity would be realized through my interest exploring the Internet, which also began during fifth grade:

"The Egg"

In October 2012, while browsing the web I came across the short story "The Egg" by Andy Weir, in which a man dies and learns that he is to be reincarnated into another of a very long series of human lives. Upon further learning that his next life is that of a person who, on Earth, lived before him, he realizes that if he can get sent back in time, he could have interacted with himself in his different incarnations—without any of them even knowing about it, since they're only aware of their own respective lives. Lastly, upon learning that this entire universe was created solely for him—to the exclusion of everyone else—, it is revealed that "there is no one else", because "all the people on Earth" are all "different incarnations of" his one soul. With this, it is revealed to the man, "Every time you victimized someone, you were victimizing yourself. Every act of kindness you've done, you've done to yourself. Every happy and sad moment ever experienced by any human being was, or will be, experienced by you."

This idea intrigued me when I first heard it, but it mostly remained as a seed in my subconscious until March 2015, when it sprouted into the truly awesome realization that I am—and you are—everyone: every member of every disparate society in the past, present, and future—and not solely humans, but indeed all entities of similar self-awareness as well. The more I dwelled on this concept, the more acutely I sensed the tragic irony of so many people causing so much suffering for each other, never realizing what they're creating only for themselves to undergo. Then it occurred to me: If they were all aware of the effects of their actions upon each other in real time, they would cease their atrocities and save us all—indeed the one that is us all—a great deal of sorrow.

Thus I came up with the idea of mental unity, to which, from October 2015 to January 2016, I dedicated a website called TheWorldSolution-dot-net. Technical issues forced me to discontinue that website, but on this new website one the original content lives on, along with further developments on the ideas of One Consciousness and Mental Unity—including, for the latter, the realization that I'm not the only one advocating it (see Research).


My life so far can be seen as an encapsulation of human potential: Just like mankind as a whole, I started out with intelligence but in my early years largely misused it, until I was given proper instruction to put my growth toward something amazing—the ideas of our One Consciousness and Mental Unity which can stop all our suffering.

However, I can't attribute this growth to my own doing. Since it was only by the conditions of this world that I could grow to become compassionate and understanding, it makes sense for me to return these gifts to the world at large: to ensure that everyone is provided the conditions to grow in such a way that I have, or in even better ways.

Thus, it is my sincere hope that you, just by reading this site, will join me (if you have not already) in the collective growth of mankind: first by understanding for yourself (if you do not already) the truth of our one consciousness as the reason we should be compassionate, then by supporting the idea of mental unity so that everyone will accomplish the same, and all our different incarnations will be granted a much more enjoyable existence.

For this, of course, there is no need to thank me; you may just as well thank yourself.